Creating Wikis and Accessing Podcasts for Classroom Use

Wiki 101

What is a Wiki?

Wiki Walk Through
Wiki Wisdom

Show me some examples

Navigate to Teacher Spaces on CCSD Wiki
Global Gorillas - Fifth grade classroom example
Cool Tools for Schools - Web 2.0 apps
CFF Math
CFF Science
CFF Social Studies
CFF English
CFF Foreign Language
CFF Tech Ed

How do I get started?

Wiki help for teachers - Be sure to check out the video tutorials.

Create your own ad-free Wiki for use in your classroom - Click here.

Three different permissions
  1. Public - Any one can view and edit your Wiki
  2. Protected - Any one can view your Wiki but only members can modify it.
  3. Private - Only members can view and edit your Wiki.

Podcast Resources

iTunes Oct08
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own.

Web links from Dr. Noonen's presentation
Podcasting in Plain English
Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants - Marc Prensky
Bloom's Taxonomy Blooms Digitally
Student Profiles

Education Podcast Network
NECC 2008
Learning In Hand

District's Intranet

Evaluation of today's session

Inservice Evaluation Directions - Links to ALL Online Evaluation Forms