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As of September 2010, twenty-one of the new ActivBoards have been installed at MASH, MAMS, and Cochranton Junior Senior High School. In June 2011, three Promethean Boards were installed at East End Elementary School and one at Cochranton Elementary School. This page contains a few Web-based resources to help us get started with the new interactive whiteboards. If you find resources to add, join the Wiki or submit them via an esupport ticket.

Promethean Board Specs
  • Click this link, Product Specifications.pdf, to access the dimensions of the AB+2. There are 3 sizes on the sheet 78”, 87”, and 95”. We installed the 87” board, model 387.

Online Resources for Getting Started

Basic Classroom Tools
Customizing Flipcharts
Taking It To The 4th Power
Creating Interactive Lessons

Getting Started -Module 1 - Intro to ActivInspire

Module 2 - Working with Text In ActivInspire

Module 3 - ActivInspire Resource Library

Module 4 - Navigating and Presenting with ActivInspire

Module 5 - ActivInspire Toolbar