From Pointless to Powerful: Beyond the Basics with PowerPoint

Session Description: Join us in this hands-on session as we take PowerPoint beyond the basics. The focus will be on using advanced features to enhance the teaching and learning process through the use of non-linear presentation. Through hands-on experience, participants will create non-linear PowerPoint presentations for use in the classroom with features such as screen tips, hyperlinking, Web-based templates, and more!

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Pictures for Presentations
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Powerful PowerPoints -

Web-based Resources

Tech Tips – Guidelines for Better PowerPoints: GREAT site for information literacy information. Presented in a very easy-to-understand format.

PowerPoint in the Classroom: This Web site contains a tutorial for using PowerPoint in the classroom. It is important that you complete each of the units (1 through 8) in sequential order.

Dr. Alice Christie's Using PowerPoint in the Classroom: This Web site contains tips, tricks, tutorials, templates, classroom ideas, and other resources for using PowerPoint.

Microsoft Education: The site contains instructional resources, such as tutorials, lesson plans, and how-to articles, for using Microsoft PowerPoint in the classroom.

Landmark’s Citation Machine: This free, Web-based citation machine will help you to properly cite references in both APA and MLA format.

Pics4Learning: Includes both photographs and clip art, organized into topics, free to use in an educational setting.

Clip Art – Public Domain Images: This site contains a list of resource for quality clip art images and photographs that are free for art educators to use.

Free PowerPoint Templates for Students & Teachers: This site contains a FREE section of PowerPoint templates available for download.

PowerPoint Templates Created By Educators: This site contains FREE templates and sample PowerPoint activities for use in the classroom.

Online Technology Practice Tutorials – PowerPoint: This site contains tutorials, lesson plans, templates, and other ideas for uses of PowerPoint in the classroom.

PowerPoint Games: This Web site contains a list of links to downloadable PowerPoint files that reflect popular game show formats. You are advised to rename the activity.

PowerPoint Lessons: This site includes links to templates, examples of games, and lesson ideas that have been created using PowerPoint.

Interactive PowerPoint: Links to handouts, Web sites, images, copyright information, citation styles and sounds.

PowerPoint Features to Use in the Classroom: Links to several resources arranged in the following categories: Tutorials, Ideas and/or Class Examples, Copyright Issues, Presentation Rubrics, Using PowerPoint as Popular Game Shows, Multimedia Links, and Other Classroom Examples.

Pete’s PowerPoint Station: Links to many free PowerPoint presentations that have been created and available for teachers to use.